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Bench Top UV Accelerated Weathering Tester

Bench Top UV Accelerated Weathering Tester
Bench Top UV Accelerated Weathering Tester
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Product Code : PBUAW-852
Product Description

Product Details:

Cabinet Size

1000 X 600 X 800 mm (L X D X H).

Product Type

Weathering Tester

The polymers and elastomers have to bear a lot of pressure due to their extended exposure to open environments. The environmental factors such as pollution, dust, moisture, Ultraviolet, heat etc. have a bad effect on the quality and durability of the products. The manufacturers have a great challenge to make their products enduring enough so that they could withstand these effects in a better way so that their products could last long and perform in a superior way in actual working condition. To enhance the quality of the products, first, the manufacturers need to test the effects of the environmental factors on the properties of the products and materials so that they can make essential changes to the manufacturing processes to enhance the quality of the products. The Benchtop UV accelerated weathering tester is an ideal instrument for quick, easy assessment of the effects of weathering on the quality of the products. It is an effective and simple testing instrument which can easily replicate the actual working conditions to which the products are subjected to give an idea what would change in their properties. The instrument is a must-have in any industry where polymeric or elastomeric products are manufactured.

Other Details:

  • The equipment needs a power supply of 220V/ 50 Hz.

  • The temperature range that can be set in the instrument is ±5ºC ~ 80ºC.

  • The timing range of the instrument is easily settable from 1 hour to 99999 hours.

  • The spray timing of the equipment can easily be adjusted from 1 minute to 99999 minutes.

  • The lamp of the instrument has a rated life of 1600 hours.

  • The maximum irradiance that can be obtained from the instrument is 0.7 W/m2.

  • The flow of water from the water pump ≤ 7 litres per minute.


  • The instrument is incorporates a slowly and uniformly rotating sample rack that allows uniform exposure of the samples to the irradiance.

  • It is a very low power consuming instrument.

  • The equipment simulated the natural environmental conditions with great accuracy.

  • The equipment comes with a very low maintenance cost and hence is an economic way of material and product testing.

  • The instrument is rust proof as the components are made from high grade stainless steel.

  • The instrument strictly follows all the guidelines stated in various national and international standards.