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Environmental Test Chambers

Product Image (PAAD-35)

Accelerated Aging Oven

Accelerated Aging Ovens are used to detect the effects of elevated temperatures on the properties of material. Testing through these ovens is performed in air for a specified period of time at varied temperatures. The accelerated aging oven helps to measure the properties prior to and after the exposure of the material to high temperatures. The results displayed on the digital panel of the device represent a percentage of variation in properties with the exception of the variation in durometer hardness and variation in IRHD hardness.The change in hardness values of the material is reported as the change in hardness points of the material.

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Humidity Chamber

Humidity/Conditioning Chamber is a unique test cabinet designed to create temperature and relative humidity inside the chamber to detect the change in the physical characteristics of material and to ascertain the actual working life of testing device. PRESTO humidity chamber is complies for standards ASTM D1776, ASTM D1776M-15, BS950 Part-1(D65).

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Programmable Temperature Chamber

Programmable Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber PTH225 is designed to create targeted environment/climatic conditions meant to test materials, components, and products for reliability and endurance The chambers comply to most common standards for a variety of industrial and medical products. Commonly tested components include electronic gadgets, home appliances, batteries, plastics, polymers, F&B-Packages, paper products, automobiles, automobile components, metals, building materials, consumer-durables, defence-eqpt., aerospace, etc.

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Fume Hood

Fume hood is designed to prevent the testing laboratories from contaminants such as mist, fumes, dust, chemical vapours as it offers a frontier disclosure to harmful and toxic fumes. It serves as a physical barrier to reactive chemicals. The device is set up against the walls to exhaust all the fumes that are generated inside the laboratories with chemical reactions. Because of the different shape of these hoods, they are dim from inside but also have a provision of light.

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Hot Air Oven


  • Double walled chamber; inside fabricated using heavy duty stainless steel

  • Insulation within the double walls is provided by impartial mineral glass wool

  • Temperature range: Ambient to 250 Degree Celsius

  • Programmable Digital temperature controller cum indicator

Product Image ( PBUAW-852)

Bench Top UV Accelerated Weathering Tester

The polymers and elastomers have to bear a lot of pressure due to their extended exposure to open environments. The environmental factors such as pollution, dust, moisture, Ultraviolet, heat etc. have a bad effect on the quality and durability of the products. The manufacturers have a great challenge to make their products enduring enough so that they could withstand these effects in a better way so that their products could last long and perform in a superior way in actual working condition.

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Hot Water Bath - Digital

Water Bath Digital is a unique test cabinet designed to detect the change in the physical characteristics of material and to ascertain the actual working life of test samples at elevated temperature. Available in Digital PID Temperature Control Models with Timer facility (optional) with various capacities.

Product Image (PSPL-867)

Xenon Testing Chamber – PSPL 867 – Presto SUN

When the industrial polymeric products are exposed to open environment for a long time, this has a negative impact on the quality and lifetime of the products. The environmental factors have a deep impact on the molecular structure as well as the physical & chemical properties of the polymers. This implies that the manufacturers must test the effects of the open environment on quality of the polymeric products to decide their suitability to a particular type of working environments.

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Xenon Testing Chamber

Majorly polymers are use in a variety of industries for different use and purpose. The polymers and elastomers are also used for many applications where they have to be exposed to open environment for a long time. This exposure to open environment has a great effect on the quality and durability of the polymers as the environmental factors can cause fundamental changes in the molecular structure, chemical and physical properties of polymers. The Xenon testing chamber offered by Presto helps in testing the effect of environmental factors such as UV rays, moisture, sunlight, heat etc.

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Accelerated Weathering Tester

UV Accelerated Weathering Tester is a consistent tool that reproduces and is useful for checking the damage caused by sunlight, rain and dew. This instrument provides simulation of accelerated ageing and designed to assess the ability of moulded/extruded rubber products to various environmental factors by using UV lamps, water spray and fluorescent lights.