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Melt Flow Index - MFR Model (Method - A & B)

Melt Flow Index - MFR Model (Method - A & B)
Melt Flow Index - MFR Model (Method - A & B)
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Product Code : 55
Product Description

Melt Flow Index Tester – MFR Model is a consistent tool useful for checking the flow properties of molten plastics/resins. The model is used to determine melt flow index (grams /10 minutes), Melt Volume rate ( minutes) and Melt Density (grams/ can be determined both methods A & B of ASTM D 1238 and ISO 1133 standards.

  • HMI based Touch screen Model
  • Inbuilt Calculator for calculating the MFI & MFR Valve
  • Microprocessor based inbuilt PID controller
  • Automatic sample cutting
  • Temperature setting and Preset Timer functions incorporated in HMI for accuracy and repeatability
  • Die Steel barrel for uniform and consistent heating of barrel/test cylinder.
  • Temperature Vs Time graph of the output
  • Program profile for selecting test parameters and performing the test.
  • Easy Data Management. User can create product identification, test temperature, time etc.
  • USB option available for storing test data (Pen drive not a part of offer)
  • Data output in graphical and data record format.
  • Current test running status display