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Polariscope Strain Viewer for Glass & Plastic

Polariscope Strain Viewer for Glass & Plastic
Polariscope Strain Viewer for Glass & Plastic
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Product Code : 01
Product Description

Polariscope Strain Viewer for Glass & Plastic (PSPL G20)

Our wide range of testing instruments is made for every industry to solve the quality related issues. The residual stress during the manufacturing process plays a significant role and cause detrimental effects on the strength of the products. The effect may cause failure in service or could be beneficial on the other side. For example, the compressive stresses on tough glasses help in increasing the strength in the service. With the support and knowledge of our highly technical team, we are using the most powerful procedures to test the products made of transparent glass or plastics. We have designed the Polariscope Strain Viewer for Glass & Plastic, based upon the photoelastic technique where polarised light is passed through the product to interpret quality and quantity measurement in an optical interference pattern. The residual stress measurement is made for the glass products whereas the strain measurement is performed for the mouldings, castings or extrusions.

Key Features

  • The machine is flexible to tilt through 180 degrees
  • The tool could be clamped in any position.
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate result

Technical Specification

  • Field of view measurement: 190mm diameter field
  • Working space: Adjustable between 290mm and 440mm.