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Portable Spectrophotometer- TP 800

Portable Spectrophotometer- TP 800
Portable Spectrophotometer- TP 800
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Product Code : 79
Product Description

Portable Spectrophotometer- TP 800

Spectrophotometer is a consistent tool useful for performing several measurements on variety of samples of colors such as white and black, dark and light and several other color boards. They are primarily used to reflect the measurements and best suited for the sophisticated color analysis such as the problem of metamerism. Spectrophotometer TP800 complies with various CIE, CNS, ASTM E313, AATCC, ASTM D1925 Standards.

  • Capacitive Touch screen featured
  • Software based output of test results
  • Two standard observer angles
  • Visible Spectrum 400~700 nm Reflectance curve
  • Effective Homogenization ray of lights with Oversized Integrating sphere
  • 45/0 geometrical optics structure
  • Large memory for extensive storage of more than 10000 data.
  • Silicon photo diode array sensor